At the interesection of Business and Politics…

9 11 2010

We see Barney Frank, and a hedge fund which is responsible for section of Massachusetts $46 Billion Employee Pension fund.  From the Boston Herald:

The state’s pension portfolio for thousands of public employees has a $700 million stake in a hedge fund investment firm that is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegations it misled investors by claiming to be a women-owned business.

The firm, Pacific Alternative Asset Management Co. LLC, marketed itself as a firm run and owned by women in a male-dominated industry. Yet it was hedge fund mogul and Barney Frank pal S. Donald Sussman who in 2000 provided a $2 million loan to four entrepreneurs of the fledgling company, giving him a 40 percent stake in the investment manager’s parent company, Paamco Founding Partners Co. LLC.

Investors, including the Bay State’s Pension Reserves Investment Management Board, are concerned about the financial impact of the SEC probe as well as that of a recent lawsuit filed by Sussman against the firm.

The SEC probe concerns information regarding PAAMCO’s loans, alleging that some of the information on the loans was false or misleading.  It is impossible not to wonder about the political implications regarding this fund, since was responsible for a portion of Public Employees pensions, which are most likely union pensions.  To those who study politics, it is common knowledge that the two largest public employee unions, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), have been long-time supporters of the democratic party, and Barney Frank in particular.  It may be worth while diving deeper into the relationship directly between PAAMCO and Rep. Frank.