Welcome to Lots, Stocks, and Gavel

22 01 2009

Hello, and welcome to my new project online, a little blog on an aspect of law I find fascinating, securities law.
Why a blog on securities and securities law?

The buying of selling of securities effects us every day, and most of us don’t know it.  Trading in securities is not just something that occurs on Wall Street and the London Stock exchange.  Every time you fill your gas tank, you are purchasing something that was once purchased as a security.  Every time you go to the grocery store, you are purchasing products that were in one way shape or form bought and sold as securities.

The problem most people have with the securities trade is that, although it has an impact on their daily lives, they do not understand what it is, or how it works.  The main purpose of this blog is to give people a forum to better understand what they read on their newspaper headlines.  For example: What did Bernie Madoff do, how did he do it, and how does it affect the people who trusted him?  What is insider trading,  why is it illegal, and what does it have to do Mark Cuban?

What will this blog cover?

Hopefully this blog will be something more than a place for people to go in order to understand the things they hear on the farm report and the stock market page.

Securities law is big in the news these days.  With the largely unprecedented drop in the stock market, the government bailouts of the banks and the automotive industry,  and billion dollar scandals involving prominent traders, issues in securities law are going to be discussed for a long time to come.  This blog will primarily cover the news, including goings on inside the Securities and Exchange Commission, the coming change in rules and legislation, the issues facing the stock market and commodities exchanges, and the enforcement of securities law.  However, unlike the newspapers and the 24hr new channels, I will give a more in depth analysis on what is happening, and will present it in a way that the average layman can understand easily. This blog will also cover issues in securities law globally.  Topics I will discuss include the coming securities law reform in the European Union, and how sharia is influencing the development of securities law in the Middle East.

Since securities law tends to run into other aspects of law, such as bankruptcy, banking, and criminal law; and because of the ongoing crisis in the global economy, this blog will discuss issues beyond the relatively narrow topic of securities.

How did you come up with the name?

Well basically, it is a take of the phrase, “lock, stock, and barrel”.  Since the blog is about securities, I wanted to tie in two more common types of securities, commodities (Lots), and “Stocks”.  I included the “Gavel” because this blog is about the law.




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